Basic Line Sweat Shorts[TNBP005]

Color: White
Basic line item that proposes total coordination according to the high-new sneaker.

The message is printed with the pocket with the pocket with a logo with a white body with a sense of cleanliness. Mount the patch on the right foot and add an accent. It is also a long period of time that can be played with a soft and comfortable back hair material with a good thickness and firmness.
It is easy to adopt coordinate in a simple design, but there is a fashionability or a one that can be active as a leading role of coordination.

Item Number

100% cotton

country of origin

Size Details
size Waist Perfect Crotch inseam Around the hem
M 76.0 62.0 30.0 26.5 58.0
L 84.0 66.0 32.0 24.0 62.0
XL 92.0 70.0 35.0 24.0 65.0
※ Unit: CM