Sweet short pets

Color: Navy

This is the original color of "dunk" that appeared in 1985, and the color of the University of Michigan was dropped, "Michigan", the image of the clothes that the sneaker heads of the whole world wear in accordance with the release of the name, and the pants produced.

A combination of Navy and yellow that is familiar with the name of "dark yellow" attracts eyes. The body is in the Navy, and it is soft and comfortable, and it is the item which dropped the logo that "i'eve only two FET" which is an iconic brand logo and TNB standard to the sweat cloth of the back hair material which is soft and comfortable to wear with the yellow print and the wappen. The technique of the print is different, and the lower left of the back is a point that is firmly stuck in the casual part such as taking in a reflector.
It is an item that can be active even in outdoor events from the outside as well as the ease and the rough of the sweat and the fashion.

Item number

Fabric: Cotton 100%

Rib: 95% cotton, 5% polyurethane

A native country

Size details

Size West Around Hip Hip Around the hem
M 74.0


36.0 13.5 30.0
L 78.0 78.0 37.0 15.5 32.0
XL 82.0 82.0 41.0 17.5 34.0