WON ` EM T-shirt [TNBC012]

Color: Beige
In 1982, nike AIR FORCE 1 was the first basketball shoe equipped with Nike Air.

A T-shirt designed and produced with the image of clothes weared by sneaker heads from all over the world to coincide with the release of "NIKE AIR FORCE 1 '07 LV8", which continues to evolve in the current style while maintaining the same functionality for basketball as the original model.
The base color is in line with the color of AF1, while the logo is put on the left chest at one point on the front of the comfortable fabric, the graphic design with a large message is dropped on the back, and the logo is paisley pattern according to the wash, and the color of the print is also coloring according to AF1, while there is a cohesion, Items with a solid presence when wearing.

Product number

Body: 100% cotton

Country of Origin

Size details
size Length Shoulders Width Sode length
M 73.0 50.0 55.0 22.0
L 77.0 54.0 58.0 24.0
XL 81.0 57.0 63.0 25.0
※Unit: cm