Marquee Player for Sneaker W/S Repellent 01 (Silver)


A typical product of Marquee Player.
High -performance water -repellent oil -repellent effects protect sneakers, protecting sneakers, such as canvas, natural leather, synthetic synthetic leather, nylon, etc., which consisting of sneakers, and water and water.
In addition to rain, water, but also oil -repellent functions, protect sneakers from oil stains that cause stains. Overwhelming water -repellent oil -repellent effect prevents sneakers from dirt from dirt.

Spray spraying particle size, quick -drying, and ease of use that sticks to the momentum of spray. The fine particles are attached to the fiber and the sneakers are coated without impairing breathability. Immediate effects and quick -drying, which are effective in about 20 minutes after applying, is one of the important convenience.
It is an essential sneaker care product for sneaker heads that can be used immediately after opening a sneaker box that focuses on playing dirt.

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