Marquee Player for Suede Water Stain Repellent 12 (Gold)


A newly developed high -functional water -repellent oil spray specialized in suede leather, etc. based on his Water + Stain Repellent # 01, a representative product of Marquee Player.

In addition to the raw materials of high -performance water -repellent oil -repellent effects, the lanine of leather moisturizing ingredients, which contains the secretion obtained from the sebum wire of animals such as sheep, which is also used in cosmetics and healthcare, is combined in a well -balanced balance. Leather moisturizing ingredients have been moisturized and flexible to leather during water -repellent oil -repellent oil -repellent oils, so that it keeps moisturizing, luster and softness. It is effective not only for suede leather and brushed leather, but also for leather with various tables.

Of course, we will protect sneakers not only with rain and water, but also for oil stains.

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