WING T-shirt [TNBC013]

Color: Beige
It was designed and produced by design and production of Snyker Heads' world dress model, which was released in 1991 with the release of the "Nike Air Jordan 6" and the American rapper "Travis Scott".
This time, the two colors of the body and white are made by the use of the Travis color.The front desk is a one-point piece, with a single logo dropped on the back, with the logo added to the sneaker's color.The back of the back is a name tag. It has a strong presence that can play an active role as a leading role in the coordination of the two.

Product Number

Body: 100 % cotton

country of origin

Size Detail
Size Jōjō Katahaba MinWidth Sojaban
M 73.0 50.0 55.0 22.0
L 77.0 54.0 58.0 24.0
XL 81.0 57.0 63.0 25.0
* cm: cm