TOWER BOX #clear Set of 6

Color: Clear

TOWER BOX is a storage box that is a questionnaire survey of sneaker heads around the world, with more optimal size and functionality with improvements.

It is easy to see at all angles with high transparency, and can be locked when the box is stacked to prevent gaps. It is easy to accumulate more than 20 steps, and there is also a ventilation at the bottom of the box. The opening is easy to open and close with two locks.

The box size is 28cm (horizontal) x 18cm (vertical) x 35.5cm (depth). Depending on the manufacturer, it can be roughly 31cm shoes.

*The sneakers in the image are reference products, so there is no sale.

Item Number

Internal capacity
Set of 6

28cm (horizontal) x 18cm (vertical) x 35.5cm (depth)