About member registration
Q. Can I order without registering?
A. You can order without registering. However, you will not earn points if you are not registered. Please be aware that not all My Page functions will be available without registration.

Login Information
Q. I forgot my login password.
A. Complete the “I forgot my password” form with your registered email address and submit after completing. We will send an email to your registered email address.

Q. How much is shipping?
A. In the case of delivery to the domestic(Japan), 330 JPY will be charged (tax included) uniformly. Regarding shipping overseas, it depends on weight and area.

Q. When is payment due for reserved items?
A. Payment is due when the order is placed, including reserved items.
*For cash on delivery orders, payment is due at time of delivery.

Q. Do you have payment plans?
A. We only accept lump-sum payments.

Q. Can I make a purchase with a bank transfer?
A. We do not accept bank transfers as a method of payment. We accept only credit card (online payment),Google pay, Shop pay.

Q. Is it possible to save my credit card information?
A. You can save your credit card information after completing the membership registration at the time of ordering. If you wish to do so, please tap “save information for my next purchase” when you order.
*Please note that you cannot save the information before ordering.

Q. My browser closed in the middle of placing an order. Did my order go through?
A. If your order was completed, you will receive an order confirmation email. If you did not receive an email, your order may not have been completed. Please contact customer support [info@thenetworkbusiness.shop] or check from the My Page for confirmation.

Q. When I try to finalize my order, after pressing the "pay now" button, the screen froze. Has the order been completed?
A. Depending on the connection environment for your device or the website situation, there are cases where it takes time to update the page. It is possible that an order may be duplicated if the page is reloaded, so we ask that you do not reload the page. If you are concerned about this, please see "my page" or inquire to customer service.

Q. Can I cancel or modify my order?
A. We cannot accept cancellation or change (including exchange of color and size) due to customer's convenience after order confirmation.

Q. Can I pick-up items at a convenience store?
A. Our store does not support picking-up items at convenience stores.

Q. Can I receive items at a Yamato Transport office?
A. Yes, this is possible. Please include the office address at the time of order if would like to request this.
The possible pickup time and date for shipments vary depending on the office. Please refer to the list of Yamato Transport offices for details.
*Please make sure to include your name and telephone number when picking up from a Yamato Transport Office.

Q. Does the purchase price include foreign import duties and taxes?
A. It does not include import duties and taxes.
There may be duties or taxes that apply when the items arrive. Amount varies by country, so please check the rules and regulations regarding shipments to your country.

Q. I added merchandise to the cart, but it was out of stock when I selected a payment method and tried to confirm the order. Does merchandise run out even if it has been added to the cart?
A. Merchandise availability cannot be guaranteed just by adding it to the cart. Merchandise availability is guaranteed as soon as the order has been completed.
Even if merchandise is placed in the cart, it may become unavailable if another customer completes their order ahead of time.

Shipping Information
Q. Do you ship internationally?
A. We ship internationally. Domestic orders are shipped with Yamato Transport. International orders are shipped with EMS (Express Mail Service).
*We ship via DHL express if we cannot ship to the country via EMS.
*Please note that we do not use any other shipping services for domestic or international shipments.

Q. How long will it take for my order to arrive?
A. Orders are usually shipped within 3 business days of the order being placed. Delivery time varies, but orders within Japan are usually delivered in 1-2 days after shipping (excluding outlying islands). International orders are usually delivered in around 7 days.
*Does not include reserved items
*We do not ship on weekends, national holidays or New Year’s holidays.
*We ask for your understanding as we do not support same-day shipping.

Q. I would like to choose a day and time for delivery.
A. Due to system restrictions, the delivery date and time cannot be set at the time of the order. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact customer support [info@thenetworkbusiness.shop].
*There are cases when the delivery date and time cannot be specified. We ask for your understanding.
*We do not have information about the shipping status after we ship out the item, so please contact the shipping company directly.
*Delivery date and time cannot be specified for overseas shipping.

Q. Can items I ordered separately be shipped together?
A. Orders for regular items are shipped per order. If you would like your items delivered in one shipment, please order all of your items in one order.
Additionally, delivery for reserved items will vary and may be shipped separately from other items in your order. We thank you for your understanding.

Q. Can you redeliver an order that has been returned because of undeliverability?
A. After delivery by Yamato Transport, the storage period for luggage is 8 days.
We cannot accept re-delivery of products returned to us because we are unable to receive them due to the customer's circumstances such as long-term absence and refusal of receipt.
In addition, we may refuse further orders by customers who have performed the above actions.

Q. What is a newsletter?
A. With our email newsletter, you will be the first to know about new items and special offers. You can also choose what information you would like to receive or choose to receive information for specific brands.

Q. I want to unsubscribe from the newsletter.
A. You can change your settings or cancel your newsletter on My Page.

Receiving emails
Q. I haven’t received an order confirmation email or a shipping confirmation email.
A. We will always send an order confirmation email after you have placed an order. If you’ve placed an order and still haven’t received an email, please check the following:

・Have you entered your registered email address correctly?
・Do your domain settings allow emails to be delivered from our email address?
・Was the email placed in your spam or junk mail folder?
・Is your registered email RFC compliant?

Examples of emails that are not RFC compliant​ ​
*emails with a period (.) before the @
*the @ is just before a period (.)
*emails containing characters other than half-width alpha-numeric characters or symbols other than (!,#,$,%,&,*, etc.).

Q. I have sent an inquiry by email, when can I expect a reply?
A. We will answer as soon as possible, however replies may take several days depending on the nature of your inquiry. If we receive your inquiry on a weekend, national holiday, or during New Year's holidays, we may answer the next business day or later.
If it has been more than a few business days since you sent your inquiry (days not including weekends or national holidays) and you still have not received a reply, please check the following and then resend your inquiry or contact us by phone at (03-6455-1371).

・Is your registered email correct?
・Do your domain settings allow emails to be delivered from our email address?
・Was the email placed in your spam or junk mail folder?
・Is it an OCN domain email address?
*Some email addresses (Gmail) may not be able to receive emails from certain providers (OCN, etc.).
・Is your registered email RFC compliant?

Examples of emails that are not RFC compliant
*emails with a period (.) before the @
*the @ is just before a period (.)
*emails containing characters other than half-width alpha-numeric characters or symbols other than (!,#,$,%,&,*, etc.).

After delivery
Q. The item I received is defective. What should I do?
Sorry for inconvenience.
If your item is defective or you receive a product other than the one you ordered, we will exchange or return the item.
"To start your return, contact customer service at [info@thenetworkbusiness.shop] with your order number, product name, color, size and product condition.
We will pay for return shipping."
*If there is no defect found after inspection, the product will be returned to the customer by COD.

We cannot accept returns in the event of the following:
・It has been 8 days or more following delivery
・Items that have been used, altered, washed or cleaned
・Items where the shipping label or item tag/label has been removed or lost
・Soiled, damaged, or items where a smell has adhered at the fault of the customer
・Cases where the shipping label has been affixed directly to the shoebox or the package when returning the item to us
・Items that have been opened (for items that come in their own packaging or have packaged parts)
・In the case of personal hygiene products such as underwear or masks, swimwear, socks, piercings, lucky bags or sets・Goods which arrive to us more than seven days after the date we sent you the mail
*Replacement if stock is available; if sold out, refund or repair where this is possible.
*Items sent internationally are refunded as a rule.

Q. Do you offer gift wrapping? Do you provide store-brand bags?
A. We are unable to provide gift wrapping. Store-brand bags are only used for in-store purchases and are not provided for online orders.

Q. How much does the item color differ from the color shown in the product description to the actual item?
A. The product images posted are processed to be displayed in colors as close as possible to the actual product, but it is inevitable that the color tone will change depending on the computer model and monitor. For color and texture, uncertain QTY Please contact us if you have any.
Even with the same color name, the color may differ depending on the product.
In addition, our company does not treat the slight difference between the color of the image and the actual color as a defect of the product.

Q. Do you offer tailoring for pants?
A. Our online store does not offer tailoring for pants. Please contact a local tailor for alterations.

Q. I’m worried about the sizing.
A. Measurements are provided for each item, so we recommend that you compare similar items in your wardrobe to check the size.
* Due to individual differences in products, manufacturing, materials, etc., measurements may vary by a few centimeters. We thank you in advance for your understanding. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [info@thenetworkbusiness.shop].

Q. Is the size, the normal M size?
A. Although there are sizes such as "S", "M", "28", and "30", please be sure to check the size list for each product because the feeling of size varies depending on the brand and its product.
We recommend that you compare it with your own clothing.
* Due to individual differences in products, manufacturing methods, materials, etc., there may be a few centimeters difference from the indicated size. Please consider it as a guide only when choosing a size.

Q. I would like a receipt sent with the item. Is this possible?
A. Due to system restrictions, we cannot send the receipt to you with the order. If you require a receipt, please contact customer support [info@thenetworkbusiness.shop] after you have received the item.